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Introduction to selling on ebay

How to sell on ebay Tutorial 1: Register on ebay

How to sell on ebay Tutorial 2: Create A Paypal Account

How to sell on ebay Tutorial 3: Listing An Item To Sell On ebay

How to sell on ebay Tutorial 4: Selling on ebay Auction Format

How to sell on ebay Tutorial 5: calculate ebay fees

How to sell on ebay Tutorial 6: Selling on ebay Fixed Format

How to sell on ebay Tutorial 7: Manage your Sales On eBay

How to sell on ebay Tutorial 8: How to Build A Positive Feedback On ebay

How to sell on ebay Tutorial 9: Design your ebay store

How to sell on ebay Tutorial 10: How to Find Products To sell on ebay "Wholesale or Dropshipping"

Selling on ebay Tutorial 11: How I Do IT

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How To Design Your ebay Store


Before we go to details, first you should ask yourself a question, Why should I Have an ebay store..Will this help my selling on ebay business.??

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Having an ebay store is a must to grow your business..PERIOD. Your well chosen store name and logo, your store design and products will help you to establish your name as a business owner on ebay. For a small monthly subscription fees, you can build an ebay store and you will have all the tools to promote your store such as custom pages, promotional boxes, markdown manager, search engine optimisation tools, etc...

After you build your ebay store, you will be able to load it with thousands of products to sell on ebay with low insertion fees for store listings compared to auction and fixed price fees. You can then start promoting your store both online and offline.

The auction and fixed price format  listings will help you market your store. The goal is to use these listings to help bring traffic to your store which is already full of thousands of other products for people to purchase. Let me give you an example: you are selling on ebay video games. I will assume that you have 500 different video games. You will prepare ebay store listings for these 500 video games. Then you will run an auction for one of this video games. Those who will visit your auction are buyers who are interested in buying video games. They will place a bid on your auction. But most of them will notice that you have an ebay store icon next to your user ID. They will sure visit your store [especially if your store name implies that you are selling video games like for example "gamevalley"] and they will find 500 different video games. What they will do?? Some of them will do nothing, others will add your store to their favorites to buy later and some will like some of the other games and buy them. So simply using your ebay store and one auction listing, you exposed a potential targeted ebay buyer to 500 different video games. Imagine if you are only running the auction without an ebay store.

Another ways to market your store is running adwords compaigns on google and yahoo. You can also promote it offline using flyers and business cards.

Now let us go and subscribe for an ebay store. follow my screen shots:

First go to My eBay and click account as shown below:

Got to ebay stores and then click subscribe infront of a basic store as shown below;

As a beginner, Choose basic store and choose a store name that is relevant to your business. If you are planning to sell video games, you can choose for example “Gamevalley” and then click continue.

Subscribe to selling manager and sales report for free and click continue.. Finally review and click submit as shown below:


Now after you subscribed to your ebay store,  it's time to manage your store. Think of your store as an offline one. It needs a name, logo, description of services, address, categorization of your products. Now lets manage your store:

Go to My Ebay and click account and click subscriptions, you will be directed to the screen shot below: Click manage my store:

After you click manage my store, you will directed to this page as shown below, where you can start managing your ebay store. I will start with store design. I will give here some basic information, which will let you run your store in just few hours. Later on, when you gain experience, you can modify, add or remove. I Will discuss the numbered items [1-5] in details:

1. Click on Display Settings: you will be directed to the page shown below where you can change basic information and then you can change theme and display.

Above is a snap shot of my own settings. Click change to put your own settings. Take a look below:

Write your ebay store name as shown above. you can here change the name which you have chosen during subscription. always choose a name related to the products you are selling. This will help you build a brand for yourself..The next step is to write a description for your ebay store.Write few words to welcome your visitors, describe what you are selling, reaasure your customers that they will have a great buying experience. An example for description is shown above for my ebay store. After writing your description, its time to choose a logo for your store. You can use an  ebay predesigned logos where you can find lot of logos relevant to your business [ I personally don't like them, but they are good for beginners]. You can also design your own logo for free by clicking here.  After designing your own ebay store logo, just go ahead and upload it to ebay as shown above.  

After writing your store name and description and choosing your logo, click save settings. You will then be directed to the display setting page to start choosing your theme and display.

Click edit theme to change the theme of your store. You will have a lot of colors to choose from them. Statistics showed that US buyers love to buy from stores with dominant blue color. Choose the other settings as i am doing above. this will give you the best display. However, you are free to change anything at anytime...Nothing will Break ..!

2. Click Store categories: go back to manage my store, and then click store categories.

At this page you will have 2 options as shown above. Either you can arrange already existing categories [ this will not be the case if it is the first time for you to create a category] or to add a new category. Ebay store categories are the way you arrange your products for easy navigation by buyers. Assume you are specialized in selling TVs. You can create store categories for different brands of TVs for example a category for sony, another for philips a third one for magnavox, and so on. Another seller might like to arrange his TVs by type for example a category for plasma TVs, another for flat screen TVs and so on. Try to think of yourself s a buyer. How buyers will like to shop for your products..Choose you store categories very carefully.

Now to add a category, just click add category and you will be directed as shown below:

Now after you created your categories, you can rearrange them as shown below:

You can reorder your ebay store categories either alphabetically, by number of listings or manual. I personally prefer manual where you can highlight a category and then use arrows to move it up or down. Reorder your categories in a way that brings the most important categories to the top.

Now after you created your store categories, everytime you list an item , you can assign this listing to one of your store categories. Now it's time start creating Store inventory listings. Also, If you already have running auction or fixed price listings you can revise them and assign them to your store categories.

Some facts about your ebay Store categories:

  1. You can Have up to 300 Store categories which are quite enough to arrange any number of products.
  2. Assume that you were having listings running before you have subscribed for an ebay store. Another category, named "Other items", will be automatically created to include all those listings. However, you can edit those listings to assign them to other categories in your store.
  3. Whenever you create a new listing, you'll be able to assign it to one of your Store categories.
  4. A category will not appear in your Store if there are no listings in it.
  5. You can move listings from one category to another.

Tips for setting up Store categories

  1. Think for the buyer. Create your ebay store categories in a way that help buyers to easily find the products you are selling without overwhelming or distracting them.
  2. Be sure that you have enough listings to make each category meaningful to a buyer. If you only have a few listings in each category, you probably have too many categories and might be creating a poor buying experience.
  3. List your items in two categories - a main Store category and a secondary Store category. There is no charge for listing in two Store categories.
  4. Consider creating special categories that attract buyers' attention, such as "60% Off" or "Items on sale".

Now after we did the first 2 steps of our store design, how your ebay store will look LIKE??

3. Click Custom Pages: [To remind you: go to my Ebay, click subscriptions, then click manage my store and then click custom pages]:

Before explaining how to create a custom page, let me expalin what is a custom page?? Custom pages are a set of unique pages that you can create for your Store to serve a variety purposes: showcase items and specials, Give valuable information to buyers,  write a small article related to the products you are selling and so forth. Let me give you an example…My store sells wedding favors. I created 5 custom pages one about “Caring for your Dream Dress”, another one about “tips for successful relationship” and so on. Those pages are relevant to my wedding store and will be very interesting for brides and grooms to read and at the same time i showcase some of my items around them.

Now How we create a custom page? [To remind you: go to my Ebay, click subscriptions, then click manage my store and then click custom pages]:

Now after you click create new page, you will be directed to the shot below:

In this part choose a layout for your page. I personally prefer the layout which says " 2 promotion boxes". This layout consist of:

  1. Two promotion boxes: where you can promote your ebay store items.
  2. Two text sections: in which you can write an attractive article about your products or important advice to potential customers. let me give you an example..if you are selling laptops, you can write on one of these text sections a small topic about how to safely clean your laptop..Be creative..!
  3. One Item list: where you can promote list of your items either manually or automatically.

The above layout which i personally use for my custom page is just one of a lot of layouts which are offered by ebay for your custom pages. Now let me explain to you how to create the above sections for your layout.

Note:  During creating custom pages, always try to do it while reading the explanation here. It will be more easy for you and More practical. Creating custom pages should be done after you created your store categories and added listings to them.


As shown in the picture above, the first thing you should do is to choose a title for your custom page which will be displayed in your store..Choose a title that will be attractive for the potential buyers visting your ebay store. For example, I sell wedding favors so i know that buyers who are visiting my store are mostly future brides and grooms.I have to write an attractive title to those brides..So i put the title of my custom page as " 88 Must Take Wedding Photos" . I am sure brides will visit this page to have some idea about the best wedding photos which should be photographed in her wedding and so on...The title of the page is so important.

Now after writing the title, lets go to the text section1 of the custom page:

Now write in the text section 1 whatever you like. it depends on what you are selling on your store. Note that the red arrow in the picture above points to  the place where text section 1 will appear in the custom page.

If you look to the layout in the picture above, you will notice that the 2 promotion boxes are located one on the top right and one on the top left.Now lets deal with the promotion box on the top left:


Now do exactly as I am doing. Choose create new promotion box..Put a name for this box [which will not be displayed to the buyer. This name is for you so that later on you can manage this box]. Now choose what you are promoting [ look in the picture above]..You have 3 options but I personally choose advertise items. When you choose advertise items, you will be directed to select which items do you want to advertise as will be shown in the shot below:

Regarding display, I personally prefer either gallery view or slide show.. For Item selection criteria, I will choose ending soon and for the promotion box title which will be displayed to the buyer, I will choose " ending soon". Then choose the store category which you want your items to be selected from. We are done..As you can see, there is lot of options to choose from but what I did here is Simple demonstration. When you gain experience, you can modify and change..The sky is your limit.

Now let us continue with promotion box on top right and text section 2:


Now for the right promotion box , do exactly as we did with the left one..you can choose different options if you want. For the text section 2, write the content you like which is should be useful for potential buyers visiting your store. The text section 2 will appear where the red arrow points as shown in the shot above.

Now we are left with the item list which will appear at the bottom of the custom page.. I prefer to choose gallery as shown in the shot below. Now after you are done just click continue to preview your custom page and to publish it if it is ok.

It is important to note that when you create different sections [ boxes, text section and item list] for your custom pages, you will be able to do this in one page only, but here i divided them to several shots for the purpose of demonstration.

Now you created your custom page, How will it look like in your store ??

4.Search engine keywords [To remind you: go to my Ebay, click subscriptions, then click manage my store and then click search engine keywords]: customize keywords associated with each Store Page to increase the chances of buyers finding your store pages when using search engines. Be sure to edit your primary and secondary keywords. Note that eBay uses these keywords to create Page Titles and Meta Tags, so be sure to update these appropriately!

You can add keywords for any of your store custom pages or categories. Use keywords relevant to what you are selling in your store and what is written on your listing. In the screen shot above, click edit to add your keywords. Think of what a buyer will be searching for when he looks for your products. After you click edit, you will be directed to the page below:

As you can see above, I am editing the keywords of my store home page. it sells wedding favors..so I put wedding favors as primary keyword and then for secondary keyword, I put favors, wedding reception..do this for all your store categories.

I think by now you can have an ebay store running in just few hours. Let me know give you an idea about ebay store fees.

Ebay Store Fees

1. Subscription fees


Always start with a basic store. When your business grows, you can go ahead and upgrade to premium or anchor level. For a basic store the fees are just 15.95 /month.

2. Insertion Fees

If you choose Good til cancelled, It means that  your listing will stay forever until you cancel it by yourself. You will pay fees every 30 days and the listing will renew automatically. If you choose every 30 days, it means that you have to renew your listing by yourself every 30 days. 

3.Final Value Fees

Example: You sold a store item for 125 dollars, your final value fees will be 12% of 25 [$3.00] and then 8% of 100 [$8.00]. Total final value fees will be 8.00 +3.00 = $11.00.

I think by now, you are ready to have an ebay store with confidence.

Now its time to fill your store with products. If you have your own products offline, you can start selling them online on eBay.

If you don’t have any products to sell and you want to start your own business, its time to know where you can buy wholesale. You also need to know what is dropshipping?? So let us now go to the next tutorial "How to find products to sell on ebay" .


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